A native of New York City's Hell's Kitchen, Helen O'Neil was born to wealthy bohemian parents as one of the first biracial Americans in the United States. The product of a troubled home wracked by abuse and eventual poverty, she left at age 13 to support herself through off-the-books work and a full scholarship to an elite boarding school. However, the trauma led to her withdrawal from Harvard University when she was a 17-year-old freshman. 

After landing in the NYC shelter system, Helen began the arduous job of working her way off the streets. Isolated and in poor health, she earned a bachelor's degree while doing data entry and washing dirty jock straps in a corporate gym. However, the vicious racial and sexual politics of the New York streets took their toll on her, leading to a nervous breakdown.

In her mid-twenties, Helen began to explore the idea of becoming a nun. Taking up bodybuilding and mind-body warrior training, she cured several chronic conditions using nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes. Today, she is a published journalist and the author of several books.

Helen's professional interests include:

  • social and economic marketplaces
  • altered and extreme states of consciousness
  • mysticism
  • apocalyptic and dystopic literary fiction

She lives in New York City. Her hobbies include:

  • pan-Asian vegetarian cooking
  • experimental classical and electronic music
  • math
  • meditation
  • used bookstores
  • sacred fashion
  • personal finance