Helen O'Neil's work includes:

  • essays
  • self-help
  • social commentary
  • scriptural translation

Her essays, self-help and social commentary explore:

  • marketplaces
  • human sexuality
  • health and wellness
  • prophecy
  • mysticism

She is currently at work on several projects:

  • From The Asphalt, a book of essays on marketplaces and human rights
  • Sexual Terrorism, a book about sexual politics during the hip-hop and hookup eras
  • Self-Love Is For Suckers: The Art of Self-Respect
  • The Satisfied Single

Helen's current books for sale include:

  • The Natural Guide to Mental Health
  • Natural PCOS Cures
  • 17 Ways To Survive Homelessness When You're Broke

Helen is a lay Buddhist nun and a scholar of the world's sacred scriptures. Her work has a unique flair, rooted in metapsychology. Currently, she is translating the Book of Psalms and Thomas a Kempis' The Imitation of Christ.