Shamanic healing

Helen O'Neil is an eclectic shaman who offers intensive support to people in recovery. She is skilled in many techniques, including divination, prophecy, channeling and clairsentience. She clarifies life challenges and provides direction to people who are struggling with:

  • human sexuality (incel concerns, sexual trauma, the divine masculine)
  • physical and intellectual disabilities (IQ outliers, autists, the non-ambulatory)
  • beauty bias
  • aging concerns
  • grief and loss (death, job loss, life coaching)
  • mixed-race issues and racial trauma (identity, ancestral trauma, white rage, Asian masculinities)
  • personality disorders (borderline, schizotypal, antisocial)
  • mental illness (schizophrenia, depression, anxiety)

Helen believes that all people are living out a Great Work that is intended to transmute karma/trauma and integrate the psyche. Her mission as a shaman is to help people realign with their mission, rediscover pleasure and achieve an integrated state of healing. She works by creating sacred space for people to discover their own inner truth and learn to trust it, honor it and live it.

NOTE: I'm refining my scope of practice and offering sessions free of charge. You are free to donate to my mission if you feel my work has helped you. If you're interested in contacting me, use the tab above.