I’ve been contemplating how to approach my next steps for my journey of healing from child abuse, sexual assault, racism, etc. I feel like I’m embarking on the path of healing a decade too late, but I’m happy to have made it! I want my path to involve:

travel to many countries

work with both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans

permaculture and work with the Earth

journaling and fiction-writing


herbalism and alternative medicine

I want to start with a year in Baja California or coastal Mexico, renting a room and spending the time detoxifying and healing my body from twenty years of psychotropic medication. I’ll bathe in the ocean, eat wholesome food, and write. It can apparently be done for under $600 per month, so I’ll even be able to accumulate some savings. 

From there, I’d like to do work-trade in Latin America, Asia and Europe. I can work on permaculture farms, teach English, housekeep at oceanside resorts, and so on. There are apps in the Apple Pay and Google Play stores that help you find such opportunities, and I’m hoping to make the most of them! 

Do you dream of traveling as part of your healing journey? Feel free to comment below on your own hopes for future travels!

Posted 203 weeks ago